Digital Marketing in an Anxious, Post-Pandemic World Where People are on Lockdown

Digital Marketing in an Anxious, Post-Pandemic World Where People are on Lockdown post thumbnail image

People are not well. They are trapped at home, sheltering in place, and hoping to avoid COVID-19 infection. But the stark reality is that at some point, infection is very likely. So they stay at home for the sole purpose of reducing the burden on the medical infrastructure of a country, so that the weakest among us may have a chance at survival. In this world, how will digital marketing change?

At-Home Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is all about understanding human behavior. In this post-pandemic world, people have become socially isolated. The lucky ones have partners and roommates to provide human companionship. The unluckiest among us have nobody. Both of these groups, and particularly the latter cohort, will turn to at-home activities to overcome the stark reality of social isolation. Some of them are performing at-home workout routines on Youtube. Others are burying themselves in work-at-home. A few people are learning new skills. And many people are wallowing in the paradigm that we are on the brink of extinction. This is where digital marketers can help.

Anti-Anxiety Digital Marketing Campaigns

It’s no secret that sheltering in place causes anxiety levels to rise. Some people may turn to prescription drugs like Prozac or Zoloft. These drugs, and others, can be dangerous and addicting, even when prescribed by doctors. Most people are aware of this fact, and some people are turning to more holistic anti-anxiety remedies. Many people who turn to such solutions will say that they provide benefits comparable to their more dangerous counterparts. With some research, a digital marketer can determine which of these remedies are reported to provide the most benefits. There is a booming CBD market, for example, which provides lots of work for digital marketers.

Lots of Room for People Looking for a Change in Careers

States like Wisconsin, where many people are in industries that aren’t compatible with a work-at-home model have reported unemployment rates of over 25% in March 2020. Many people have filed unemployment claims, and the government is issuing coronavirus stimulus payments amounting to trillions of dollars in the hopes of preventing a collapsing economy. While many people may choose self-pity in this bleak turn of events, others are exploring new career paths. Digital marketing is one such path. It can be performed from home, and it can be very lucrative for people who produce results for their clients. In New York City, for example, salaries can range from $50,000 to $140,000 per year, and more. Many people choose a more entrepreneurial path in this field, and for them, the upper limit is often much higher.

Digital Marketing and Overcoming a Pandemic Like COVID-19

Marketing will play a key component in the remainder of 2020. It will determine what products people will still buy, while they sit on their couches, wondering how to make ends meet. It will keep some businesses afloat, while others will meet their demise. Marketing is the fuel that will keep the economy going. That was true before COVID-19 was a thing, and it’s true today.